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Stamp - life is absurd by Emiliers Stamp - life is absurd :iconemiliers:Emiliers 12 2 Stamp - Illegalize Divorce by Emiliers Stamp - Illegalize Divorce :iconemiliers:Emiliers 20 48
Detective Adventure START
Even at the best of times, Tsuri is not known for her subtlety. And, at the worst of times, she can be a downright bulldozer.
Actually, thinking about it now, Rieux decides that Tsuri is always a bulldozer, just tearing through life with hardly a thought. It's probably both her biggest vice and her greatest virtue, depending on the circumstances.
Rieux decides that, right now, it is her biggest vice. Though he is a marginally more accomodating morning-person than Tsuri is herself, he, like most other sane people out there, does not particularly wish to be awakened at only four hours after midnight.
"I have a great idea, Rieux!" she exclaims, after she has shaken him thoroughly awake.
"Really? How does it rank in comparison to the peanut-butter-and-pancakes idea or the feed-chipmunks-cardboard idea?" Tsuri isn't know for her "great ideas", and Rieux is too sleep-deprived to humor her.
"It's 148% better than both of them!"
"I was being sarcastic." And what the hell is with that
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Stamp - no REMEMBER in MEMORY by Emiliers Stamp - no REMEMBER in MEMORY :iconemiliers:Emiliers 22 3
Kino no Tabi - Dreams of
Sometimes, Kino dreams.
The scenes flash through her mind, completely grey, without a hint of color, like an old movie reel. They are scenes of the past, of a time long gone, nearly forgotten, lurking only in the darkest corners of her mind.
She dreams of a country of adults, dark and shadowed.
She dreams of a name, one that does not suit her anymore, one that is long gone from her memory.
She dreams of a kind man that tells her of his travels and of the neverending journey ahead.
She dreams of Hermes, telling her about speed and balance.
Sometimes, Kino dreams about before, about things long past.
It's said that when people see birds flying in the sky, they feel an urge to go on a journey.
Sometimes, Kino dreams about what could've been but wasn't, about how her life could've played out but didn't.
I'm afraid if I stay longer than three days, I'll end up settling down and cease to be a traveler.
And, sometimes, Kino does not dream at all.
"Hey, what's your name?" asks
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"I'm Fenna," she says, "I just moved in next door."
"Wha-- Who are you?"
"I'm Fenna," she repeats, more slowly and deliberately, "I just moved in next door."
"No, I mean, what are you doing in my house?"
"The door was unlocked," she answers, innocently.
He briefly wonders if she is mocking him. "I don't leave the door unlocked."
She does not seem to sense the implications. "Then someone else must have unlocked it."
He decides that talking sense with this girl would probably be a failure, so, instead, he asks, "Why aren't you in school? You moved here last week."
She returns the question, "Why aren't you?"
"I have the flu," he replys, but then amends with, "I'm sick."
"Oh!" she exclaims, as if she had just realized something. "Oh, then, I must be sick too!"
He stares at her with bewilderment. "Are you really?"
"I don't know. Am I?"
"Don't return questions with questions."
"I can't?"
"You can, but it isn't polite."
She tilts her head. "Mother never told me anything about being imp
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Dead, Dying
I wondered what she was doing when she brought me to her house for the first time and told me to wait in the living room. She was twelve then and I was still twenty-one.
And, admittedly, I was scared of her. More scared than I had been in the past two centuries. It was irrational, I thought, considering that she was only human (and a little girl, nonetheless) and that I was immortal. But, I was scared of her.
It was almost like she could kill me.
Then, she came back holding a kitchen knife and I realized what she intended to do. I'm not ashamed to say that I almost cried out in pure, cold-blooded fear. The cry choked and died out in my throat when she lifted the weapon up without ceremony and stabbed my chest, at where my heart should be (but wasn't).
I really did cry out this time.
She didn't stop and, in an instant, pulled out the blade, thrusting it into me again in the next moment. She did that again and again, watching impassively as currents of red, red blood flowed out of my bod
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82. Can You Hear Me?
"Elise...? Elise...!" he cried, screamed, for her to come back, for her to turn around, for her to look at him.
Then, Shou woke up, sweat pouring off his face, face contorted in anguish. "Ah... That's right... Elise... Elise can't hear me anymore..." Because I killed her.
No. No! He doesn't remember! He doesn't remember anything! He doesn't want to remember anything!
"Elise... There was never such a person as Elise!" But, that statement sounded unconvincing, even to himself. "Elise never existed! She never...!" I never killed myself because of her.
At that, Shou felt nauseus. He felt like vomiting, felt like throwing up everything he had in his body in the hopes of forgetting. He wanted to forget, to forget about Elise, to forget about what happened.
And, he had forgotten.
But, Elise appeared again, right in front of him. She whispered in his ears as she always used to. She whispered words of indifference and false promises of friendship, of reuniting. She whispered his n
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Loyalty - Drabble
"You're lying," he says, immediately.
Ris merely giggles and replies with, "It's true."
He doesn't believe, not for a moment.
She laughs at his skepticism. "Believe what you want, Taint."
"It can't be true."
"Oh, but it is."
(Alice is gone.)
(Alice disappeared.)
(She isn't coming back.)
And, how, how, how in the world does he not know? Why is Ris, of all the demons, the first to realize? Why is she the one that always, always seems to know?
Taint is, without a doubt, the most powerful demon in the world, so why, why, why does Ris know first and not him?
"She doesn't trust me," Ris explains, lightly gleaning the chaotic thoughts from his mind, "that's why I know."
Taint glowers at the intrusion, angry at himself for dropping his barriers. "What does trust have to with anything?"
"Oh, dear, dear Taint, trust has to do with everything."
He still does not understand, and her riddles infuriates him. But, he knows how absolutely pointless it is to get angry, or ev
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76. Broken Pieces
The pieces had broken, and all that was left behind was a mess of blood, of flesh, of organs, of death.
Ria bent down to try and put them back together, but none of the pieces fit. She stayed for hours, trying to rearrange the pieces into a recognizable shape, but to no avail.
And, there were no bones.
There were only blood, flesh, and organs. There was death, but not a full death.
"If all the pieces aren't here, then... Then..." The only answer would be that it hadn't been broken completely. The only answer would be that it was only partly shattered. It was still okay, still okay.
"He's still alive."
He must be.
Even if everyone thought he was dead, Ria knew he was alive.
She had already punished her children, even if it was only one of them that had done the deed. She had already punished them, so she was free to go and look for him. And, she will look for him. She will search till the ends of the earth and beyond. She will never give up. She will never lose hope (because she
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89. Through the Fire
The scars will never fade away.
At first, she had been disgusted by them. They were proof of his betrayal, proof that he had changed, that he didn't care about her anymore. They were proof of death, of destruction. They were proof that she was one of the few survivals of her clan left alive.
But, as the seasons changed, and as she gained experience, she realized that the scars weren't just about betrayal, death, or destruction. She realized that they were a promise.
They were a promise that she would meet him again.
They were a promise that she would save him.
And that, in itself, was enough for Rio. That, in itself, would be enough for Siv too, when she finds him and shows him, she thought. That, in itself, will be enough for her late mother, for her destroyed village as well, hopefully, she thought.
The scars will never fade away.
But, now, they were a different sort of proof.
They were proof that she had been through the fire and survived. They were proof that she was not weak (she
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Death Note - Orange 2
When they told Beyond that he has a visitor, Beyond expects a sorrowful, maybe even vengeful, relative of the people he's killed. He expects maybe even Roger or Wammy or (a slight chance) that Naomi Misora.
They sit him down in front of a see-through window, and Beyond is more surprised than he has been for years.
"Hey," a greeting. "Didn't expect to see me, huh?"
Beyond adjusts his face back to his usual expressionless one. "No, in fact, I did not expect you at all, Matt."
The redhead smiles. "So, this means I've finally been able to surprise you, huh? My life is complete."
"You must have had a pretty meaningless life then."
"Jeez, that's harsh," he says, in mock offense. Then, quieting, "So, do you have anything to say to me?"
"I was just about to ask you that, Matt."
"I have a ton of things to say. Like, what the hell were you thinking?" Matt's voice has suddenly increased in volume. The tone is one of disbelief, confusion, hurt. (But, there is no scorn, no hatred.) "I
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Death Note - Orange
He doesn't answer.
"Come on, Beyond. You can't stay here sulking forever."
"I'm not sulking," was the curt answer.
A sigh. "That means you're totally sulking."
The boy waits a while for Beyond to respond, and when Beyond doesn't, the boy crawls up to the attic of his own volition.
He sneezes. "Jeez, don't know why you like this place so much. So dusty." Another sneeze, as if to prove his point. "But, I guess it does feel cozy, safe." He smiles, although he is only facing Beyond's back. "Anyway, Beyond, come down. It's time for lunch."
"Don't want to."
"Why? Because of your little temper tantrum this morning? Just forget that. Everyone gets angry once in a while."
"It's not because of that, Matt!"
Matt is unfazed by the sudden change in temper. (He is best friends with Mello, after all.) "Then what's wrong?" Though Matt has never been as smart as Beyond (or Mello or Near), Matt is infinitely patient and understands in unexpected ways.
"It's L!" Of course, it is always about L
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no title
Backed up against the wall, there is no way out.
He smiles thinly and mouths a small, "Sorry," a sad imitation of remorse. The gun that he held in his hand doesn't shake in the least as he pulls his trigger, still smiling, calm as he always is and always will be.
He doesn't miss.
He never misses.
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Death Note - Anomaly
Namikawa is looking out the window of his office, watching the crowd of people below almost dispassionately. From his view, they all look to be the same, a giant entity moving to and fro like the tide. They are synchronized, and the pattern seems almost perfect. But, of course, there is an anomaly. There are always anomalies. This time, the pattern is broken up by a single person, ant-like from Namikawa's view, who seems to be set apart from the others, and not just because of his red hair. The man watches with something almost like interest as the ant below enters his office building.
Moments later, the phone rings, and Namikawa finds that he has been expecting it.
"Hello, Namikawa speaking."
"Mr. Namikawa, there's a boy here requesting to see you. He doesn't seem to have an appointment."
"What does he look like?"
"He has red hair, appears to be in his mid-teens. He seems to be a foreigner." A pause. There are muffled voices as the secretary and the visitor converse. Then, "He also sa
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a pile of ashes - ch01
The boy furrowed further into his arms, attempting to create a makeshift barrier between himself and the voice. He wanted to sleep more. It was much too early.
"Matt," the voice repeated, with more force now.
"Waisitnear?" Which, in English, roughly translated to, "What is it, Near?"
"You're drooling on your laptop."
It took a moment for Matt to comprehend that the words "drooling" and "laptop" had just been used in the same sentence. It took another five moments for him to snap up, grab a tissue, and wipe furiously at the saliva that had collected.
"I wouldn't recommend you sleeping on your computer in the future, Matt." Near was mostly serious, but Matt was able to detect a hint of humor.
"I'll try not to make this a habit." For Matt, it was the opposite. He was mostly joking, with a hint of seriousness.
Matt had finished his current hacking assignment late at night, and he thought it would be nice to rest his head a bit. Of course, before he knew it, he had slept for
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My main account is Suxinn. So, if you need me for anything, please contact me there, as I do not check this account often.

This account will contain the things I'm writing for the 100 Themes challenge as well as the numerous stamps I have created.

Note: Everything I write is original fiction, using my own characters and stories, unless stated otherwise.

In regard to stamps: All of my stamps are free-to-use (whether in journals or otherwise). You certainly do not have to ask for permission, and credit is not required.
As I'm too lazy to comment on everyone's profile individually, just know that if you have favorited any of my things (whether stamps or otherwise), I certainly do appreciate it very much.

Thank you. :)


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